We specialize in suite turnover control with our step by step property assessment. Our team generates lists, cleans, repairs, and polishes in order to make properties and commercial spaces look at their best. We also provide post completion services such as after sale repairs and maintenance.

Reliable Resource Ltd. had only two days to turn this deficiency suite over in order to be successfully sold.


  • Floor was a mess and had many scratches
  • Marble counter damaged
  • Doors were not hung level
  • Walls damaged, scratched and required repainting
  • Cover plates for switches and plugs missing
  • The stainless sink and faucet had scratches and needed to be polished


  • Floor scratches were filled and stained then polished
  • Marble counter repaired using Epoxy, polished and sealed
  • All doors leveled and tested
  • Walls patched, sanded and repainted
  • Kitchen cabinets adjusted
  • Missing cover plates installed
  • Stainless sink and faucet polished
  • Final product is “Show Suite” status